Friday, February 27, 2015

Thorns 2-27-15

KC Cline
God Encounter 
I was asleep when the presence of God fell on me, and my spirit stirred with such intensity I began to shake. Opening my eyes, I found my room was lit by a soft yellow glow. I sat up and saw the three angels standing guard. The one who stood just in front of the other two had a small white flame in the palm of his left hand. The two angels behind and on either side of him had their right hands on their swords as if they were ready to fight. The angel in front with the flame in his hand looked at me and smiled, and I saw that his eyes burned with the same flame that was in his hand. 
I got up out of the bed and walked toward them, but when I did, I found my surroundings had changed. (In this encounter I was about eight years old, bare-footed, and wearing a long, white summer-type dress – like a sleeveless sun dress – so my shoulders were exposed.) 
I was now standing in a small dirt clearing – about four to five feet in diameter - surrounded by a massive patch of thorn bushes.  I walked around this small circle trying to find a way out of these thorns. There was no path in or out. I then thought maybe I could go through them, so I touched one of the thorns with my finger to see just how sharp they were. When I touched the thorn it cut through the tip of my finger like butter. My finger began to bleed and a drop of blood fell to the ground. When it hit the dirt it turned black and the thorn bushes grew around me. I was now in a small circle about 3 feet wide all around. I sat on the dirt and brought my knees to my chest. Every time I moved, the thorns would snag on my dress or cut my arms or face. With my knees to my chest I began to cry. 
Then I looked up and saw Jesus standing in the thorns in front of me. He smiled slightly and said "Sweet child, how did you get here?" 
I looked up at him and said "I don't know." I looked around at the thorns and moved just a little. The thorns pressed into me. They were now touching my skin, and any movement resulted in cuts from the bushes. I began to panic and cry. I turned my head and my hair got caught in the thorns. I looked back, trying to untangle my hair, but the more I moved the worse it got. 
Then I heard Jesus say "Casie. . ." I turned as best as I could to look at him, because my hair was tangled in the thorns, and he asked "Where are you at?" I just broke down and cried. He reached out his hand to me and a drop of his blood fell from his hand to the ground. When it hit the ground the thorn bush shriveled up and pulled back a bit. He said to me "Take my hand, child. . . Don't look at the thorns." So I reached up and took his hand. When I did, I began to glow a soft white. The thorns that were tangled in my hair released, and the thorn bush that surrounded me shriveled up and pulled back.
Jesus helped me to my feet, and I looked up into his eyes. . .eyes I cannot describe. It was like eternity. I have never seen eyes like his. They touched something so deep inside. It brought so much life and light to my body. He smiled and said "I am still here; I never left. Keep looking at me. Keep listening and learning. I am the answer to all of this." He took my hand and said "Stay close and walk with me."
We, together, turned, and the endless patch of thorns that went on for miles with no path was before us. He reached out his hand and a drop of his blood fell to the ground. When it hit the ground, the thorn bushes shriveled up and cleared a wide path before us. We walked down the path and before us I saw the mighty city where heaven was. I saw the castle that was in the middle of the city. I asked Jesus "Are we going there?" 
He looked down at me and smiled. Then he said "Child, we are going there."

After a long walk we arrived at the gate where the two massive guardian angels stand. These angels are 20-30 feet tall and have two sets of wings. They are made of white light and their eyes are like blue glass. When you look at them, you can feel, down in your soul, Love and the child-like innocence they carry. When we got close to the gate, the two angels bowed down and covered themselves completely with their wings. You could see nothing of them but their wings. 
Jesus and I walked through the gate into the city, passing houses, buildings of all sorts, and children playing with animals and angels. We came to the bridge painted in red in the center of the city, and having crossed over it, we climbed the steps to the castle. We stepped inside the castle and there I saw the two staircases, one to my right, and the other to my left. The one on the left leads down a never-ending hallway of doors with names and carved pictures on them. When you look up. . .the ceiling is so high you cannot see it. . . it's like there is no ceiling. We walked through the sparkling gold circle on the floor that had the words written on it that I couldn't read, before. Now the words say "Forgiven." 
We walked into the room before us, full of light. I was still holding Jesus' hand as we walked through, and I covered my eyes with my right arm. When the light faded I brought down my arm and looked around the room. I saw the long table full of food. I saw people laughing and talking. The table was very, very long. I heard music and I saw people dancing, laughing and singing. 
Jesus said "Come with me, child." He put his arm around my shoulder and we walked forward, together. I could see that the seats around the table were completely full, and as one person would get up and go dance, another would sit in his place. I saw those around him pass down food of all kinds, then bread and wine. Those around him would eat the bread and drink the wine with him, then carry on in laughter and eating.

After a little walk around, Jesus and I made it to the front of the table where I AM was seated. Tears of joy flowed down my face and I ran up to him. He turned and picked me up. I AM was laughing and kissing me. He then set me down, and looking up at Jesus he said "You found her?" Then he winked at him. I AM said "Child, sit here in my spot; spend time with my son. . . it is important you do so." He pulled out the chair and motioned for me to sit. I looked at him nervously, then at the chair. He smiled and said "It's alright! . . .Sit." I looked to Jesus and he motioned for me to sit in I AM's spot at the head of the table. So I walked over and very nervously sat down. 
I watched as "I AM" made his way down the table. He was laughing and interacting with each person before squeezing in to sit between a few of them. They passed him food, including the bread and wine, and they all ate together. 
Jesus sat in my spot at the table, and began to pour wine into my cup. He then reached to the middle of the table and grabbed some bread. He broke it and handed me a piece. When he did, the room became silent and I looked out over the table and everyone was gone. The big long table we were at was now a small table. It was just the two of us. Jesus said "I did this for all of them. . . and I did this for. . . YOU." He took my hand, turned it over, and placed a piece of bread in my palm, and said "I did it for even this. . ." I looked down at the bread, and I knew what he was talking about. He then took his bread and put it in his mouth. I did the same. He took the cup and said "Nothing in this world or in your world can take this from you. It can't alter it, change it, or deny you of it. This is eternal, unrelenting, all-consuming.  It covers. . .everything. Child, take it and be in good health. Embrace what my blood has to offer; know it is my very love for you." He reached out and touched my face and said "It is an unrelenting love." He then took a drink of the wine and I did the same.  He set the cup down and reached out and took both my hands and said "I am Love. . . I am the love you are looking for.  Let me love you." 
I closed my eyes and felt my spirit stir. I opened them and Jesus began to glow such a bright white light I couldn't look at him. I felt the light wrap around me, and through me. A feeling I can't put to words. It was so over-powering it took my breath away. 
Then the light died down and I was once again sitting on my bed. I took a deep breath and looked to the angels in my room. The one in the front smiled and said "You are greatly. . . greatly loved, Child of Light.” And they disappeared.


  1. That's so beautiful..I shared your writings on my face book yesterday and also shared with two friends. One has been reading through... God bless you.. so helpful and encouraging..

  2. You are welcome ☺️! So Glad God used it to reach out to you!